Evelyn Barton

September 8, 2016

Jiffy Steamer J-4000I-1330 Pro-Line Multi-Purpose Steamer

The Jiffy J-4000-I-1330 multi-purpose steamer is a reliable unit that will deliver efficient steam for removing the wrinkles in your clothes. However, this model also has some flaws that make it a questionable choice and hopefully this article will clarify whether or not you should purchase this powerful steamer for commercial use.
July 27, 2016

Elite Garment Steamer By PurSteam

The Elite Garment by PurSteam offers you anything you could expect from a floor steamer. It is compact, lightweight and it features wheels for easy movement, it has a metal heating element that assures performance and durability and the high power delivers very hot steam that can penetrate any fabric and remove all the wrinkles in any type of fabrics.
June 23, 2016

Rowenta IS 9200 Clothes Steamer

The Rowenta IS 9200 is a powerful and efficient unit that will deliver excellent steam quality to allow you to remove every wrinkle on any type of fabric. This model stands out due to the multiple accessories that offer a wide range of steaming possibilities, the interesting shape that makes it easy to transport and to use and the convenience features that increase the comfort and performance.
September 22, 2015

Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer

Unlike the regular clothes iron, a steamer can be used on any type of fabric as it will deliver efficient heat without ruining the fabrics and it will handle even the toughest wrinkles. The Conair Extreme Steamer fabric steamer is a small and compact unit that combines the comfortable design with the high performance so that you will enjoy a durable and efficient steamer every time you use it.